Meet Our Staff

Ruben DeJesus – Lead Pastor

Ruben and Andreza De Jesus were both raised in Passaic County, Northern New Jersey and were married in June 2, 2001 . Ruben is bilingual speaking English and Spanish. Andreza was born in Brazil and moved to New Jersey at the age of ten. She is tri-lingual speaking English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Ruben is a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University with a Bachelors Degree in Bible, and was ordained on June 2, 2007 at Hydewood Park Baptist Church North Plainfield, NJ. For the past seven years, Ruben has served at Hydewood Park Baptist as Latino Pastor and in the early years as a Youth Pastor.

Andreza is a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University with an Associates Degree in Bible. She has served in music ministry, several women’s and children’s ministries and as teacher of the Latino ladies Bible study.

They have three children, two boys Nathan, Lucas and Leah.

Phillip Cox – Associate Pastor/Worship Pastor

Phillip, a native South Carolinian, grew up “a son of a preacher-man” and felt the call to ministry at a young age.  He initially attended Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC, but through a series of events too involved to describe here, he graduated in 2006 with a degree in Christian Ministry from Anderson University in Anderson, SC, and spent some time at Gardner Webb School of Divinity before leaving to pursue his calling into worship leading/church planting.

Phillip spent seven years as a student pastor before becoming a worship leader.  His passions in life are Clemson sports, movies, music, and occasionally a little XBOX.  He is not married (yet) but he does have a dog…a Rat Terrier named George.

Nevin Shaw – Director of Family Ministry

Nevin Shaw grew up in Vidalia, GA and became a Christ follower when he was in high school because a youth pastor named Tim Downey. He graduated Columbia International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible and Psychology in 2001. He became Director of Children’s Ministries in 2016 and enjoys teaching others about Christ. His favorite past times are getting to know people, a great book, drinking coffee, and playing most any sport.